The Jaime Gonzalez Airport is a small-size international airport located 4 km (2.5 mi) from Cienfuegos on the southern coast of Cuba.

It serves Cienfuegos (the capital city of the province of Cienfuegos), and also the tourist areas of Playa Rancho Luna, Playa Giron, Playa Larga, Playa Ancon, and the colonial city of Trinidad. The airport handles both domestic and international flights. The airport is also an inactive Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces air base.

Itís named in memory of Jaime Gonzalez Crocier (1895-1920) who is one of the protagonists of the Cuban aviation birth.

It operates only in daytime, officially from 11AM to 10PM. The terminal was entirely remodeled in 2004. The airport can process 300 travelers per hour at its peak, which largely exceeds its current traffic.

Thereís no jet bridge, mobile staircases are used for embarking and disembarking passengers onto the tarmac. For more information about this airport, facilities, formalities, arrivals/departures, and photos, please click the links in the right menu.

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